Paisleys and Cats

The Painter’s Wife wrote a really nice feedback on her blog about our Receiving Blankets and Versavest Nursing Covers. Happiness!

We trust Babinski Mama Aimee for her super-eye when it comes to choosing fabrics for the nursing covers. As soon as she spots a design, it’s THE one. Here are the five new fabrics that we gathered for the Versavests. This week will be Paisleys and Cats…

Paisley - Pink

Paisley - Teal

These two have delicate designs in sheer fabric. It’s very soft and “flowy”. I really don’t know how to take a picture of these showing the translucent parts of the cloth. So behind it is a giant corrugated cardboard, a little bit near skin-color, to show its sheer-ness.

Paisley - Navy Blue

The Navy Blue has no sheer part. It is cottony soft. More for those who don’t like colors much. There are days that I don’t like colors, too. Remember, the rule less-is-more never goes wrong…

Cat - Baby Pink

Okay, so who wouldn’t die for a baby pink and gray leopard print? Even if I’m not breast feeding I still got one for myself. I match it with white, and looks good with denims, too! I love tying both ends on a knot. (Aimee taught me that.)

For a little trivia, the reason why we name our nursing covers, Versavest, is because of it’s versatility, how it is used as a breastfeeding cover and at the same time as a fashion piece. So it can still be functional whether you are not a mama milking cow anymore. 🙂

Cat -Silver

For me, when it comes to the design, this one is the most versatile of all, you can go casual or semi-formal with this gray on silver-gray cat print. Of course, the real breastfeeding mama Charlene couldn’t resist to get one.

There are two ways to wear our Versavest Nursing Cover. First is by wearing it the usual vest way then use one flap of the vest to cover you while baby is feeding. The flaps are wide enough. The second one is by wearing it in front, just like an apron. This is the traditional nursing cover way where the baby is under the cloth, totally covered. Since the vest is wide enough, plus the fabrics we use are light and soft, there is ventilation for baby. 🙂

Visit our Versavest Nursing Bibs page.

4 Responses to “Paisleys and Cats”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Thank you for the mention! 🙂 Love your stuff!

    • Babinski Mama Says:

      Hi Eliza! I surfed the pages of your blog and got amazed with your husband’s talent! Oh my my my!!! Your entries are really interesting and very helpful for mommies, too! Keep writing! 🙂

  2. DARICEL Says:

    love ur stuff!

  3. DARICEL Says:

    whats the style un s mom ni baby vitor? i like that one.

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