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Happy Day

December 18, 2012

Our babies are growing up reaaaaally fast and the website photos needed to be updated. Praise God that Mama Aimee and Papa Allan are blessed with a new baby, Happy, who just turned the big 1 🙂 Here are some of our behind-the-scenes shots of our new superstar baby. The location is very secluded and remote (like our house haha). In between takes, we cooked soup, pasta and had coffee, while the kids played around. Being mompreneurs is fun just because you can bring your children along with you at work and sometimes, do transactions in your pajamas 😉


Mommy and hairstylist in one…


Haha… she’s just as happy as her name 🙂


Mama Aimee is in her work-out clothes. After this shoot is me-time for her.


Prepping her up…


The smiles just come naturally 🙂


Why are baby toes so irresistible to kiss?


The carpet comes from Mama Charlene’s living room  🙂


A biscuit does the trick.



Princess Happy wants to play catch-me-if-you-can 🙂


Yes baby girl, you are wonderfully made by the Father.


…Love binds all things.

Girlfriends with Benefits

February 26, 2011

Today is D day when we finally meet Nurul Abdullah from Brunei. She is mompreneur who also has the same thoughts and passion as ours — in general, we all love helping co-mommies see the beauty of being a mother. She has a big dream for the mommy-community in her side of the world. I think one of the best gifts of being a mother is their ability to juggle many tasks. See how they can actively balance family and work at the same time! Actually mompreneurs are working 24 hours a day. Because When we’re not working we think about work, and when we’re actually working we think about the kids! It’s a very full simple life.
In one of our million topics Nurul mentioned experiencing post-partum depression with her youngest (twins), I could relate as I experienced it with my first pregnancy, and I thought, hey, she’s human, too! Our friendship exceeds farther than Giggles ‘n Boo and Babinski Baby now. Exceeds farther than YM and Skype and e-mails. “There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.” Our first-meeting connection was special, We could have been sisters in our past lives.

You need girlfriends with benefits. With ideas and advice, topped with warmth and some serious motherly lovin’. Women need other women. You just gotta. Because you get tired too of the mommy mafia thing and you need somebody real to remind you that life as an individual doesn’t end when the babies arrive.

Thanks for the Old Town… YOU KNEW! Loveee! 

Fabric Sourcing Day…

February 26, 2011

It’s fabric sourcing day.

…The best thing about being mompreneurs is when you can bring your kids along to work 🙂 

Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’

November 22, 2010

When we ran out of Moses Baskets, it made us sad when mommies asked about it and we couldn’t provide them any. For quite a time, we couldn’t get that good kind of organic material that would be best for baby. But after a long wait, our Moses Basket is back!

We used eyelette cotton linen for our first edition of Moses Basket in two shades, white and cream. This time, we added a little bit of twist on the fabrics. We use soft, textured cotton in organic colors to make it a bit modern. The inner-side of the basket is also lined with foam padding, plus, we add detachable sheer netting, like a mosquito net, for protection against bugs and insects (because these days a typical fever scares the life out of any mommy just thinking her child had caught the bad, bad dengue 😦 ).

And since the Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses, the Babinski Mamas will also reveal to all of you our Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’ – straight from our own personal experiences as mamas 🙂 Hope it helps you in some way…

Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’

1. Start the day by giving your baby a warm smile and a loving hug.  This will help make him/her a happy baby.

2. Always touch your baby by rubbing his back, legs, arms and feet. This also promotes muscle development and blood circulation.

3. Talk to your baby everytime. You can even sing or read a book even if you think your baby doesn’t understand it yet. They’re attracted with happy and high-pitched voices.

4. Play soothing music when putting your baby to sleep and play happy music during play time. Babies love any kind of music and they get stimulated by it!

5. Bring the baby out to get some fresh air and sunshine. Walk around and show your baby the trees, birds and anything interesting in the neighborhood. Walking is also a good exercise for you.

6. Attend to your baby’s needs – feed them, bathe them, soothe them and cuddle them. Babies feel the love and comfort with you around.

7. Snuggle up with your baby while feeding or breastfeeding. Hold hands and wrap them in soft blanket if they feel cold. Allow your baby to caress you too. This seals the bond between the two of you.

8. Dress them well even if they are just a baby! It’s their cutest stage so take advantage by giving them adorable and cool clothes and be a scene stealer everywhere you go!

9. Make bath time lots of fun! Give your baby a rubber duckie that squeaks, make and blow bubbles and after bath, wrap your baby in a soft and big towel to dry off.

10. Spend play time with your baby. Let her hold toys, crayons and other things to develop her motor skills.

The Good Boys are Taken…

November 21, 2010

…And they’re at Expo Mom!

The Babinski Baby together with other mompreneurs had a ball in last week’s Christmas Bazaar by Mommy Mundo. And it was raining testosterone! I guess the dads tossed out the remote control and became good boy to mommy.

Good Boy:
1. Brings the baby bag.
2. Pushes the stroller.
3. Feeds and carries baby while Mommy goes shopping.
4. Carries Mommy’s bagS.
5. Lets Mommy take her time without showing any signs of impatience and irritability.
6. Is not ashamed of being a Good Boy.

Expect it. The good boys are out whenever it’s Expo Mom 🙂

Adorable. Such Aaaw-factor.

Ty Pennington

November 10, 2010

Remember Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I love watching his TV program and thought that he’s a cute, charismatic, playful and one hunk of a carpenter. Housewives admire beauty, too. 😉 And knows beauty like no other, that’s why we married you, our husbands! See?

Aside from working shirtless while cutting a piece of plywood (now, that’s off the wall! …But definitely okay.), I love that he’s such a good home design guru — from construction working while building homes designed for families down to his gorgeous fabric line!

The Babinski Mamas found really special Ty Pennington fabrics in the market one normal, sunny day. Still thinking of what to make of
it, though. Crib Beddings maybe…

Ty Pennington Impressions: "Foliage"

Ty Pennington Impressions: "Angel Wings"

Ty Pennington Impressions: “Papercut”

It’s Raining Colors

October 18, 2010

Rainy days make me sad 😦

Typhoon Juan is still here so there’s no school for the kids. The Babinski Mamas thought of spending this gloomy day fabric-hunting.

The receiving blankets and burp pads were sold like wildfire in the last few weeks and we were starting to worry about our stocks running low since Flannel fabrics are scarce these days.

“For sure we won’t find anything again…”


“That’s for sure.”


“Why are we here in the first place?”

But lo and behold. Today, it rained Michael Miller, Amy Butler and Valori Wells fabrics at the warehouse!The three of us were like six year olds in a toy store!


The Valori Wells Medallions in different shades and Marching Elephants are the best...



Michael Miller's Groovy Guitar is such a funky, funky thing!



Soul Blossoms is Amy Butler's latest collection. Imagine getting prints of these! It's like winning in a treasure hunt!


A life without little surprises is like a childhood without Santa, don’t you think?

We’ll be uploading new bibs, crib beddings, receiving blankets and burp pads soon…


We pray for those who are suffering because of this typhoon.

Business & Simple Pleasures

October 4, 2010

The Babinski Mamas went to Expo Kid with aching bodies due to belly dancing the night before. It’s like a hangover without the drinking… But who would know?

It’s only natural for us to daydream about different lives, different career paths, about being cowgirls in winged electric blue glasses, Lady Masquerades or Austin Powers’ toygirls… But the thing about fantasy? It tells an interesting story, but you still have to wake up…

We were happy to see our booth-neighbors Mompreneurs Denise of Indigo Baby and Grace of The Little Red Shoe! We’ve been together from bazaar to bazaar for quite a time now. Together with the other mompreneurs, all of us have one goal: Everything best for the children — because any other child is no different from ours — they all deserve the best.

Aimee, Charlene w/ Chloe, Denise w/ Benny, Mae, Grace

Overall, lipstick and coffee are still the best hangover cure… Got free lipstick from MAC Cosmetics, Powerplant, in a super cool day-shade…

…Because when you’re a home-maker, you just feel guilty to buy pretty cosmetics.

And for the Mamas, coffee frappe is no coffee frappe without cinammon roll topped with whipped cream and chocolate/cinammon/nutmeg powder…


Anak Pinoy Ka!

September 29, 2010

…Just couldn’t get over Charice Pempengco’s appearance in Glee. She has such an amazing and powerful God-given voice! Clap clap clap!

This new Babinski Baby ‘Anak Pinoy Ka’ Onesies is for all you talented Pinoys.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Topaz Mommy

September 18, 2010

Topaz Mommy and Babinski Mama met when they were in Grade 1.

80’s + Bangs = Me.

(L-R) 3rd in top row: Topaz Mommy; 6th in second row: Babinski Mama

A few weeks ago,  Topaz Mommy gave birth to the healthiest and cutest baby boy in town!

I read her Facebook status a few days after giving birth and she seemed to be getting the baby blues. I knew exactly what she’s feeling. I felt it when I gave birth to my first. That having a newborn is not at all like a Johnson’s baby commercial where everything is painfully perfect. The long nine-month wait was nothing but smoke and mirrors! I felt betrayed.

Then with my second baby, I felt it again. I wrote an entry about it in November 2007:

I’m a brand-new mom all over again and I’m lacking confidence. Even the most mundane task like going to the grocery scares me. Where do I put the older child? In the main basket? If I do that where does the food go? It’s giving me a mild panic attack. Since we’re planning to have an eyebrow-raising four children, yes you heard me, it would really depend on, one, whether we could swing it financially, and two, my mental stability.
Speaking of mental stability I had post-partum with the Bear. I found the first 48 hours after giving birth pretty easy. But then reality hit me like a truck on the third day when I had enough strength to stand up after that painful operation for breastfeeding time. Frankly, there was no halleluiah moment, no chorus in the air when all the while I thought that upon seeing your newborn there would be angels with golden trumpets singing, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah… Hallelujah…” in the background. And when the nurse handed me the small Bear all 6.8 lbs. and led me to the breastfeeding room, a group of mothers were already there feeding their babies. I scanned the room wishing I had the corner area instead because I was struggling to do the cradle position with the small Maxiebear in my arms and didn’t want to make it too obvious, terrified that I might break her little bones. I wanted to cry. What have I gotten into? On the fourth day when bff Iya visited me in the house, I remember telling her, “Is this all there is to motherhood? Where has my life gone?” …To think I’ve only been a mother for 96 hours. But then you see, having our very first newborn became a milestone that fills me with great joy and once again makes me believe that, yes, there is a light at the end of the newborn tunnel.

Photo by Mommy & Baby are using Woodland Friends and Wheels Receiving Blankets.


Glad you enjoyed the gifts Mommy… He’s a real Babinski Baby! You’ve been blessed with so much.