The Good Boys are Taken…

November 21, 2010

…And they’re at Expo Mom!

The Babinski Baby together with other mompreneurs had a ball in last week’s Christmas Bazaar by Mommy Mundo. And it was raining testosterone! I guess the dads tossed out the remote control and became good boy to mommy.

Good Boy:
1. Brings the baby bag.
2. Pushes the stroller.
3. Feeds and carries baby while Mommy goes shopping.
4. Carries Mommy’s bagS.
5. Lets Mommy take her time without showing any signs of impatience and irritability.
6. Is not ashamed of being a Good Boy.

Expect it. The good boys are out whenever it’s Expo Mom 🙂

Adorable. Such Aaaw-factor.

“Humping Turtles” :-)

November 12, 2010

My kids were watching you tube the other day and were giggling at a video they saw of two turtles having, uh, sex 😉

Me:  Hey Railey, what are you watching?

Railey:  Look at the turtles, they’re playing “daganan”! (while laughing at the silly sound the turtles were making.)

Gosh, even my one year old Vitor was laughing while watching the turtles! The next morning, while having breakfast, Railey showed me this drawing… and to my surprise!

And for cute animalistic appeal, we just produced really soft and nice flannel Receiving Blankets in animal prints…

Jungle Friends



Doe & Buck

Night Owls Espresso

Berry Birds


Marching Elephants

Owl Friends


Jolly Jungle

Babinski Baby will be at the Moonlit Bazaar, Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall, from November 12-14, 12 noon ’til 12 midnight. Hope to see you there 🙂

Ty Pennington

November 10, 2010

Remember Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I love watching his TV program and thought that he’s a cute, charismatic, playful and one hunk of a carpenter. Housewives admire beauty, too. 😉 And knows beauty like no other, that’s why we married you, our husbands! See?

Aside from working shirtless while cutting a piece of plywood (now, that’s off the wall! …But definitely okay.), I love that he’s such a good home design guru — from construction working while building homes designed for families down to his gorgeous fabric line!

The Babinski Mamas found really special Ty Pennington fabrics in the market one normal, sunny day. Still thinking of what to make of
it, though. Crib Beddings maybe…

Ty Pennington Impressions: "Foliage"

Ty Pennington Impressions: "Angel Wings"

Ty Pennington Impressions: “Papercut”

Tutti Frutti

October 28, 2010

Colorful ribbons are like sprinkles on top of something SWEET!

For your sweet little girls… 🙂

Tutti Fruitti Ribbon Tops + Tutu available here.

It’s Raining Colors

October 18, 2010

Rainy days make me sad 😦

Typhoon Juan is still here so there’s no school for the kids. The Babinski Mamas thought of spending this gloomy day fabric-hunting.

The receiving blankets and burp pads were sold like wildfire in the last few weeks and we were starting to worry about our stocks running low since Flannel fabrics are scarce these days.

“For sure we won’t find anything again…”


“That’s for sure.”


“Why are we here in the first place?”

But lo and behold. Today, it rained Michael Miller, Amy Butler and Valori Wells fabrics at the warehouse!The three of us were like six year olds in a toy store!


The Valori Wells Medallions in different shades and Marching Elephants are the best...



Michael Miller's Groovy Guitar is such a funky, funky thing!



Soul Blossoms is Amy Butler's latest collection. Imagine getting prints of these! It's like winning in a treasure hunt!


A life without little surprises is like a childhood without Santa, don’t you think?

We’ll be uploading new bibs, crib beddings, receiving blankets and burp pads soon…


We pray for those who are suffering because of this typhoon.


October 10, 2010

Chiara means clear, bright, famous… just like her mother.

Chiara is wearing her Hearts Leggings and Love Garden No-Mess Bib

The Apron of Servanthood

October 6, 2010

The Babinski Mamas attended the “Apron with an Attitude” seminar to learn about Servanthood given by the Women’s Ministry of Greenhills Christian Fellowship East.

Just to share… and it’s not easy if you do it “alone”. 😦

“So He got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.” John 13:4-5

What is a genuine servant?

She persues love in every way – all the way. Even when we are sad, emotionally down, when things are not going smooth…

Because relationships are more important than goals and activities.

She prioritizes service over status. Towel instead of a Title? An Apron instead of an Approval? Others’ well-being instead of one’s comfort?

Because most of the time we want position, place and power in this world. To belong? To be accepted? Isn’t it that in our hearts we want praises?

She practices supernatural servanthood instead of self-serving leadership and lifestyle.

Because we have a supernatural God! Because we should be tireless servants of God, serving even when no one is looking, doing our best without requiring a “thank you”.

Let’s start with little things… Do you throw your trash in its proper place? Pick up that can that rolled on the floor in the grocery? Obey traffic signs? Visit the sick? The lonely? We’re guilty on some… 😦

Here are some happy pictures…


Baby Chloe is under the apron 🙂



Freshly-baked cookies by the Women's Team. Really good with coffee!



The Winners: Best Apron, Most Worn-out Apron, Most Colorful Apron and Most Unique Apron. Mama Charlene won the Most Colorful!

Her prize, a nice bowl with red hibiscus



More of Servanthood here…

Business & Simple Pleasures

October 4, 2010

The Babinski Mamas went to Expo Kid with aching bodies due to belly dancing the night before. It’s like a hangover without the drinking… But who would know?

It’s only natural for us to daydream about different lives, different career paths, about being cowgirls in winged electric blue glasses, Lady Masquerades or Austin Powers’ toygirls… But the thing about fantasy? It tells an interesting story, but you still have to wake up…

We were happy to see our booth-neighbors Mompreneurs Denise of Indigo Baby and Grace of The Little Red Shoe! We’ve been together from bazaar to bazaar for quite a time now. Together with the other mompreneurs, all of us have one goal: Everything best for the children — because any other child is no different from ours — they all deserve the best.

Aimee, Charlene w/ Chloe, Denise w/ Benny, Mae, Grace

Overall, lipstick and coffee are still the best hangover cure… Got free lipstick from MAC Cosmetics, Powerplant, in a super cool day-shade…

…Because when you’re a home-maker, you just feel guilty to buy pretty cosmetics.

And for the Mamas, coffee frappe is no coffee frappe without cinammon roll topped with whipped cream and chocolate/cinammon/nutmeg powder…


Shimmy and Shake!

October 3, 2010

From now on, Friday night is Belly Dancing night. Together with cousins and friends, October 1 was our baptism of fire!

We learned so much from our teacher, Ms. Bing, on our first belly dancing night. Actually, in normal clothes, we didn’t know that she was our teacher ‘til she changed into her costume. When she put on bright red and gold and started moving, her femininity and beauty exuded in a so much different way! When she started dancing to the music, I saw a different, beautiful and self-confident woman through and through. I want to be like that.

When we invited some mommies to join us, we got comments like, “No thanks, ang tigas ng katawan ko at lalabas ang mga bilbil ko jan…” or “Naku ang taba-taba ko!” or the “shy” mommies would say, “Um, no thanks it’s not my cup of tea.” So we ended up with just nine moms. Why we pushed belly dancing to mostly the moms and the timid, is more of to celebrate being a woman, because moms forget how special they are except on Mother’s Day, and they forget that they are still That Woman. It does not matter what shape you’re in. What counts is that you are in sync with yourself and accepting who you are, the whole package. It’s embracing yourself and loving your imperfections. Besides, beauty has nothing to do with being perfect but with your attitude, outlook and acceptance.

After the class we all felt so light and wished we knew about this years ago. You see, we’re not really fans of fast aero dances and the gym. We didn’t bring costumes yet but our teacher let us wear clanging coin and bells belt-scarves. Actually it’s the costumes that tend to the baroque that I love! …Silky, colorful outfits adorned with beads, bells, sequins and other bangles – ooooh sexeh.

We started out with the basic hip dances and I loved the Arabic music. Our teacher said that belly dancing has core-strengthening benefits. All the shoulder shimmying, hip-tilting and toe-tapping also help relieve arthritis & join pains, promote flexibility and drop pounds, the neck movement is for the thyroid, plus the breathing exercises give the lungs healthy benefits. We’re working muscles that we never use! Actually I think it has some similarities with yoga and pilates, except that with belly dance you dance with exotic, seductive music. I think it’s excellent for coordination, where I’m poor at, and the brain, too.

Honestly I am really a poor dancer and not really comfortable with my own body. It was hard for me to “open-up” too. But when I psyched-up, I felt at ease and comfortable. I think those who belly dance are naturally warm people. It’s more of like sisterhood. I love being around warm, loving people. The dance can make you come across as more self-confident and sensual, which what you (and your marriage) need. (Wives, think like a mistress who always tries to keep the magic alive! Believe me, belly dancing will make you into a sex-bomb and not sex-bum, sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa!)

Under our sweat pants and tank tops we clad ourselves in exotic, shiny and colorful scarves. We swooped, spun and writhed. I tried to follow the tightly choreographed display of movements. Aimee and the rest were a natural. Charlene had to belly dance with baby Chloe on one arm (haha). After each segment we gave ourselves applause and ululations. All the while I thought belly dancing was going to be just moving your hips, flowing around the room and shaking like Beyonce, but then upon seeing it my first reaction was, OMG this is harder than I thought it would be!


Our body is amazing! It can make thousands of different movements, isolating many parts of the body besides the belly, in so many combinations. A hip-circle together with the head-slide, or a serpentine move together with the arm waves, the painful rib-cage circle with the snake arms. The dance routine was intricate, slow and then fast! Love the rhythm! It’s very natural and beautiful. The cacophony of movements up, down, left, right, spin up, spin down make my head spin literally, and it would be really hard for a photographer to grab a nice shot, it’s like shooting a flying butterfly. It involves lots of hand gestures, physical speed and coordination.

I am so into the mystique of the dance now, I just want to learn how to shimmy better, though.

We heart belly dancing!

*Video grabbed from cousin Elise! She owns FunPrints Factory.

Pinoy Babinski Baby in SanFo

October 1, 2010

Isn’t he the most adorable Pinoy Babinski Baby in San Francisco, California?

Baby Jacob is proud of his roots… 🙂