Happy Day

Our babies are growing up reaaaaally fast and the website photos needed to be updated. Praise God that Mama Aimee and Papa Allan are blessed with a new baby, Happy, who just turned the big 1 🙂 Here are some of our behind-the-scenes shots of our new superstar baby. The location is very secluded and remote (like our house haha). In between takes, we cooked soup, pasta and had coffee, while the kids played around. Being mompreneurs is fun just because you can bring your children along with you at work and sometimes, do transactions in your pajamas 😉


Mommy and hairstylist in one…


Haha… she’s just as happy as her name 🙂


Mama Aimee is in her work-out clothes. After this shoot is me-time for her.


Prepping her up…


The smiles just come naturally 🙂


Why are baby toes so irresistible to kiss?


The carpet comes from Mama Charlene’s living room  🙂


A biscuit does the trick.



Princess Happy wants to play catch-me-if-you-can 🙂


Yes baby girl, you are wonderfully made by the Father.


…Love binds all things.

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