A Woman After God’s Own Heart

April 25, 2011

Moderately Easy

Things you’ll need:
a heart for God

What can we say? Someone is having her birthday today… Someone who has a heart that never hardens, that gives unselfishly, that burns with desire to know and share Jesus, a heart that doesn’t quit, that displays motivation and improvement, love and compassion… It’s Mama Charlene’s big day today and yes, we’re talking about her heart so that you too would know of its beauty.

“A Heart for Blessing in Prayer” It was during the Babinski Mamas lowest point in the emotions aspect. Even at the faintest, littlest faith left in me, Mama C was there to give hugs and say, “Let’s pray, Ate. We need to pray.” We did. And a marvelous miracle happened, how things fell back into place, slowly, slowly, as the right pieces of the puzzle were finding its way back into position and things were becoming a bright whole picture again.

“A Heart for Passion in Prayer” You’ve always had this burning passion to learn about our Lord Jesus. The rule is Sunday is Church day for the family. You never forget to remind us about activities of the Women’s Ministry and the yearning to chew every morsel of the Word when we tackle about our “book of the day” (now of which is Joel Osteen’s), over hot tablea and grilled ensaymada. You’ve finished your devotional book and you passed it on to us. You start everything that’s worthy with a prayer. You prayed for everything. For the business. For your family. Your children. Your husband. Your household. Your trials and blessings. Even your next door neighbor (we know!).

“A Heart for Discipline” Your mental daily planner is always filled with things to do! You have so many different roles and you shift from one role to another fluidly: In the morning you are a mother, fixing Jabez’ baon and the two little ones, a wife as you tend to Papa Jeff’s needs. A daughter when you go on webcam to chat with Mom Liz & Dad Roger. An entrepreneur when you help Papa Jeff with the biz and do Babinski work, attending meetings and deliveries. Then you become teacher to Jabez, most of the time his personal guidance councilor. Then add driver, cleaning lady, landlady, friend, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law… Despite the many roles, you have a very neat house as if no one lives there and a very clean and orderly worksheet that only you can do.

Early, early morning and late, late at night are the times when you have the house all to yourself, when everything’s still and in place. Then you become a child again yearning for her Father as you pray during this time. You are a child, yes, but with a mature spirit of that Woman after God’s own heart.

“A Heart For Your Husband” You pray for your husband and lay hands on him as he sleeps. You ask God for wisdom to know your role as a wife. When you have misunderstandings with your spouse you talk it over. You compliment him. You never tried to change him but you allow God to change him. No marriage is perfect, and when you get tired or angry, you pray for patience. When he is not home you pray for guidance and his safety. You always want the best for him. For him to look good and feel good, for him to be happy and healthy.

“A Heart for Your Children” Who says it’s easy to discipline a child? But by your actions, you are “training them up” in the way they should go. Not only do you nourish their bodies but also their spirits by bringing them to Sunday School. When Jabez gets into trouble you talk to him, then again, you pray – together. When one of them is sick or hurt, you pray together. They are priority at all times. When you’re a mother, why doesn’t it hurt to give your children your scrumptious, delicious piece of pie? You are that.

“A Heart for Your Home” A home is more than four walls. Yes, you need to keep your house clean and we super admire you for that. But it is so much more. Because, we, as mothers are called to “knit together” our family. We are to watch and manage this “knitting” in the Lord. Isn’t it amazing that you have a home and not a house? It’s just full of happiness in that place!

See how you have been transformed into that Woman After God’s Own Heart! Aren’t you surprised that you are all these things? Continue to inspire us Mama Char. Happy birthday and we love you so much.

Woman After God’s Own Heart
by Elizabeth George

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