Beanie, Beanie, Love, Love…

Ate Nena, our pattern-maker, sewer, cutter had been sick for weeks. We’ve been wanting to make our own Beanies but it seemed like everyday was wrong timing. So one sunny day, we marched our way to Ate Nena’s house, armed with our tape-measure and our living mannequin, Vitor, for the sake of conquering our Beanie.  Measurement was done in the car.

It would be a beanie with a giant flower for the girls and a mohawk/dino spikes for the boys. Finally, our prototype, dan-da-da-daaaan…

…And obviously, Vitor and the Babinski Mamas didn’t like it; the mohawk/spikes looks like a rooster’s comb 😦 But the “fit” and size is PERFECTO! 🙂

Now it’s time to show the world…

For Girls...

For Boys.

Come visit us!

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