Girlfriends with Benefits

Today is D day when we finally meet Nurul Abdullah from Brunei. She is mompreneur who also has the same thoughts and passion as ours — in general, we all love helping co-mommies see the beauty of being a mother. She has a big dream for the mommy-community in her side of the world. I think one of the best gifts of being a mother is their ability to juggle many tasks. See how they can actively balance family and work at the same time! Actually mompreneurs are working 24 hours a day. Because When we’re not working we think about work, and when we’re actually working we think about the kids! It’s a very full simple life.
In one of our million topics Nurul mentioned experiencing post-partum depression with her youngest (twins), I could relate as I experienced it with my first pregnancy, and I thought, hey, she’s human, too! Our friendship exceeds farther than Giggles ‘n Boo and Babinski Baby now. Exceeds farther than YM and Skype and e-mails. “There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.” Our first-meeting connection was special, We could have been sisters in our past lives.

You need girlfriends with benefits. With ideas and advice, topped with warmth and some serious motherly lovin’. Women need other women. You just gotta. Because you get tired too of the mommy mafia thing and you need somebody real to remind you that life as an individual doesn’t end when the babies arrive.

Thanks for the Old Town… YOU KNEW! Loveee! 

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