Hey little mama, you’re a stunner!

Everyone takes a second look at our Babinski Mama Mae.  Who wouldn’t?  She has a gorgeous face, a sweet grin and a svelte figure to boot! But take a deeper look and you’ll see an even more beautiful entity – someone who has grown at ease with herself and has a special gift to touch deep down into everybody’s  heart… and soul!

Babinski mama Mae is like sugar and all kinds of spice.  Her heart breaks at the site of a thirsty dog soaked in the sun.  She cannot refuse a beggar on the road, specially an old one.  She gives food to a street child but will first squeeze out the kid’s life story and say “wag kang mag-du-drugs ha!” at the end, spoken with true concern.  It takes eternity for her to buy her groceries, only because she has standards.  Not to mention, she IS practical AND fickle too – so there goes the time ticking away =).  She can also sometimes lose her cool – mostly when she feels overwhelmed with things – but a little story, a hearty laugh and a bite of anything yummy can erase that just as quickly as she puts on her Mac pressed powder. Everyone loves Mae. Her kids adore her like Barbie doll. And of course, amongst ALL , hubby is the luckiest!

Thanks Mae for everything. You are the HEART behind Babinski Baby. And the SISTER that tightly binds the Babinski Mamas. We promise to live by your words of wisdom. Life is indeed MORE beautiful, electrifying, more hilarious, and uniquely fab with you, with you, with you… =)

We love you dearly and we thank God for you.


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