Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’

When we ran out of Moses Baskets, it made us sad when mommies asked about it and we couldn’t provide them any. For quite a time, we couldn’t get that good kind of organic material that would be best for baby. But after a long wait, our Moses Basket is back!

We used eyelette cotton linen for our first edition of Moses Basket in two shades, white and cream. This time, we added a little bit of twist on the fabrics. We use soft, textured cotton in organic colors to make it a bit modern. The inner-side of the basket is also lined with foam padding, plus, we add detachable sheer netting, like a mosquito net, for protection against bugs and insects (because these days a typical fever scares the life out of any mommy just thinking her child had caught the bad, bad dengue 😦 ).

And since the Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses, the Babinski Mamas will also reveal to all of you our Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’ – straight from our own personal experiences as mamas 🙂 Hope it helps you in some way…

Babinski Baby’s 10 Commandments of Baby Lovin’

1. Start the day by giving your baby a warm smile and a loving hug.  This will help make him/her a happy baby.

2. Always touch your baby by rubbing his back, legs, arms and feet. This also promotes muscle development and blood circulation.

3. Talk to your baby everytime. You can even sing or read a book even if you think your baby doesn’t understand it yet. They’re attracted with happy and high-pitched voices.

4. Play soothing music when putting your baby to sleep and play happy music during play time. Babies love any kind of music and they get stimulated by it!

5. Bring the baby out to get some fresh air and sunshine. Walk around and show your baby the trees, birds and anything interesting in the neighborhood. Walking is also a good exercise for you.

6. Attend to your baby’s needs – feed them, bathe them, soothe them and cuddle them. Babies feel the love and comfort with you around.

7. Snuggle up with your baby while feeding or breastfeeding. Hold hands and wrap them in soft blanket if they feel cold. Allow your baby to caress you too. This seals the bond between the two of you.

8. Dress them well even if they are just a baby! It’s their cutest stage so take advantage by giving them adorable and cool clothes and be a scene stealer everywhere you go!

9. Make bath time lots of fun! Give your baby a rubber duckie that squeaks, make and blow bubbles and after bath, wrap your baby in a soft and big towel to dry off.

10. Spend play time with your baby. Let her hold toys, crayons and other things to develop her motor skills.

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