Business & Simple Pleasures

The Babinski Mamas went to Expo Kid with aching bodies due to belly dancing the night before. It’s like a hangover without the drinking… But who would know?

It’s only natural for us to daydream about different lives, different career paths, about being cowgirls in winged electric blue glasses, Lady Masquerades or Austin Powers’ toygirls… But the thing about fantasy? It tells an interesting story, but you still have to wake up…

We were happy to see our booth-neighbors Mompreneurs Denise of Indigo Baby and Grace of The Little Red Shoe! We’ve been together from bazaar to bazaar for quite a time now. Together with the other mompreneurs, all of us have one goal: Everything best for the children — because any other child is no different from ours — they all deserve the best.

Aimee, Charlene w/ Chloe, Denise w/ Benny, Mae, Grace

Overall, lipstick and coffee are still the best hangover cure… Got free lipstick from MAC Cosmetics, Powerplant, in a super cool day-shade…

…Because when you’re a home-maker, you just feel guilty to buy pretty cosmetics.

And for the Mamas, coffee frappe is no coffee frappe without cinammon roll topped with whipped cream and chocolate/cinammon/nutmeg powder…


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  1. myla capellan Says:

    i definitely agree

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