I Survived Linggo ng Wika

2010 August 27

It’s Linggo ng Wika! Today, Friday, Maxine was assigned to bring puto and Maia, pancit luglug for the Filipino Food. Last week I was calling up restos and shops inquiring who could deliver pancit luglug at 7am. The answer is NONE. The husband told me to better practice cooking while there’s still time, because like what he said, there’s no choice. Don’t wanna buy the night before either as this dish spoils easily. So we had pancit luglug and puto for Wednesday’s dinner. It was okay,though he said, “kulang sa kulay.” :-/ ‘Di ba pwedeng spaghetti nalang in UFC banana, sweet-blend sauce, fiesta-style sauce, name it, para pinoy parin? Wish.

So off I went to palengke in the middle of the pouring rain to buy bilao for my puto and pancit luglug, and for Maia’s embroidered organza which I matched with her pink plaid party dress so I wouldn’t have to buy an entire costume. Besides, there’s none in the world that would fit her! Talk about the palengke putik. The itty-bitty parking space. And the gloomy weather. Plus the countless ingredients for the luglug that I had to go back to the grocery three times because I forgot the chicharon, then the atsuete, then the puto molder. To think I already had a grocery list for ghadsakkkessssss. Then on my third trip just when I’ve completed the ingredients I found instant Palabok Mix (!). Got it for back-up just in case I get Murphy’s Law.

I complained. A little bit.

School is at 7:30 am so I woke up 5 in the morning to cook, hoping that the kids wouldn’t wake up yet because there would be a lot of Mommy-snuggle-with-me’s that would cause a riot between the two girls, they’d fight over which bed Mommy would stay in. I just couldn’t understand why little kids have sensors just as when you’re tip-toeing and trying not to make the slightest sound. As expected the tyrants woke up. “Mommy where are you?! MOMEEEEEE!!!” (100x). I bended the No TV Rule in the Morning just for today.

So for the finished products… Pat pat pat on my own shoulder 🙂

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