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Belly Mama Fair

August 30, 2010

August 21, 2010, Babinski Baby was in the Belly Mama Fair by Lifestyle Network and Working Mom at the Rockwell Tent.

Even if the three of us are already moms, again and again, we still learned a lot from the talk, workshop and forums. Jampacked activities for the VIP’s… the MAMAS!

Here at the Johnson’s Baby booth, Mama Charlene is being taught the I Love You Massage

And the food booths outside are just way too healthy! Had fruitshake and sandwich from Rachel Alejandro’s Sexy Chef. Their menu for their South Beach Diet doesn’t taste like you’re on a diet at all.

Tin-tin Bersola Babao gave a talk about losing weight after giving birth…

Since the babies inside the tummy are the stars of this event, a Listening Lounge is prepared for them… There’s a big play area for kids, too!

Free pics! We goofed around here 🙂

I Survived Linggo ng Wika

August 27, 2010

2010 August 27

It’s Linggo ng Wika! Today, Friday, Maxine was assigned to bring puto and Maia, pancit luglug for the Filipino Food. Last week I was calling up restos and shops inquiring who could deliver pancit luglug at 7am. The answer is NONE. The husband told me to better practice cooking while there’s still time, because like what he said, there’s no choice. Don’t wanna buy the night before either as this dish spoils easily. So we had pancit luglug and puto for Wednesday’s dinner. It was okay,though he said, “kulang sa kulay.” :-/ ‘Di ba pwedeng spaghetti nalang in UFC banana, sweet-blend sauce, fiesta-style sauce, name it, para pinoy parin? Wish.

So off I went to palengke in the middle of the pouring rain to buy bilao for my puto and pancit luglug, and for Maia’s embroidered organza which I matched with her pink plaid party dress so I wouldn’t have to buy an entire costume. Besides, there’s none in the world that would fit her! Talk about the palengke putik. The itty-bitty parking space. And the gloomy weather. Plus the countless ingredients for the luglug that I had to go back to the grocery three times because I forgot the chicharon, then the atsuete, then the puto molder. To think I already had a grocery list for ghadsakkkessssss. Then on my third trip just when I’ve completed the ingredients I found instant Palabok Mix (!). Got it for back-up just in case I get Murphy’s Law.

I complained. A little bit.

School is at 7:30 am so I woke up 5 in the morning to cook, hoping that the kids wouldn’t wake up yet because there would be a lot of Mommy-snuggle-with-me’s that would cause a riot between the two girls, they’d fight over which bed Mommy would stay in. I just couldn’t understand why little kids have sensors just as when you’re tip-toeing and trying not to make the slightest sound. As expected the tyrants woke up. “Mommy where are you?! MOMEEEEEE!!!” (100x). I bended the No TV Rule in the Morning just for today.

So for the finished products… Pat pat pat on my own shoulder 🙂

You Look Like Barbie

August 25, 2010

I give her hot chocolate.

Mom… you look like Barbie!

I tuck her in bed.

You look like Barbie, Mom.

“I love you so much baby girl.”

“You really look like Barbie. ..And Daddy is Ken!”

Max, why do you always say I look like Barbie?

Umm, because you have long hair? …Umm, and nice dresses! I don’t know…

She goes.

But I’ve decoded from the cryptogram, that, You look like Barbie, simply means “I love you, Mom.”

From Paycheck to Passion

August 24, 2010

My friend Angel asked me Sunday morning what to give a close friend who is pregnant. Angel has always been supportive of what I do because we used to work together and shared our own office highs and lows. We were exchanging messages until she said something that struck me: “Good for you – your business keeps you from going back to corporate!” and that made me realize something… oh my gosh!… I DON’T have a job! and it’s been 2 years! 2 years since I left my executive post, YET I am still alive!!! Lived for 24 months without my paycheck, yet I am still breathing!

I guess most of you will agree with me that leaving the corporate world at this time of worldwide economic struggle is almost like suicide, specially when you have a family to feed.  “Will I survive? I don’t wanna give up my lifestyle! Will it still be possible to send our children to the best schools? What’s gonna happen to our future?” Two years ago, I definitely had these chaotic thoughts in mind and these were REAL concerns. I was on bed rest while pregnant with my 2nd child and tug-of-war thoughts like these filled my days and nights.  My parents were horrified with what I was going to do but when I got my husband’s go signal, I said – this is it, let’s do it!… and I should do it now before he changes his mind! And so I did. It was absurd but deep down inside, it felt soo right. There’s nothing wrong with living in a corporate world. I literally dwelled on it for 12 years. It’s just that I knew I was an entrepreneur at heart and being in corporate was just “borrowed” life for me. And when I finally stepped out of it, I was ready to face my new world – full of hope, big dreams and excitement! I was excited to live the life I’ve always envisioned – being a work-at-home mom, spending executive time with people that matter (my kids!!!), having businesses I am passionate about (and will give me income), and FINALLY having time to do most of the things I put off because I was always too busy!

Looking back, I couldn’t have done it without my husband’s support. He was my real-life leading man. He did not only provide for our needs, but he also took a more active role in loving and caring for me and our children. He was happier seeing me take care of the kids and him. He was happier seeing me happier! =) The good Lord also blessed me with a budding business I share with my two enterprising cousins. We were together last weekend at our bazaar and while having dinner, Charlene remembered we were celebrating our 2nd year anniversary already! Our business is still in its infancy stage (thank God it’s growing!) but we know it will be BIG in God’s time. Our biz gives me a different level of fulfillment and joy. Now, I am not only a mom to my two boys but also to my Babinski Baby.

For the past two years, I am fortunate to live a fuller life. It is soo different from the kind of life I had before but I am thankful for the detour God has directed me. Day by day, I am showered with new learnings – on being a wife, a mother (formative years are the most crucial!), being a mompreneur, a Christian and all other aspects of my now multi-faceted life.  And in the past two blissful years, here are some essentials in life that I’ve come to realize. Sharing them with you coz these really made an impact on me…

Dream Big. Live simply.

In everything, be grateful.

Appreciate even little things in everyday life.

Family first or regret it in the end.

Seek God and grow in Him.

Real friendships last, so treasure it.

Be healthier. Live healthier. Now!

You always have a better choice.

Value relationships – family, work, even in business.

Live and enjoy your passion.

Balance and moderation are key to everything.

Be true to yourself and others.

Love yourself and let that love overflow to others.

And all these things make a happier me.

And a happy woman in her thirty-somethin’ makes a happy and pretty 😉 wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.

P.S. happy 2nd year anniversary Babinski Baby! =)

Read here if you want to know more about our story…

No Children in Bed 2

August 19, 2010

Two years ago I wrote NO CHILDREN IN BED:

The four of us have been co-sleeping for half a decade, meaning, the husband & I have not been “alone” in bed since forever. During a parenting seminar, it was advised that it is about time to get the kids their own room, but in our case, their own beds, since we still live in a bachelor’s pad. So we went bed hunting with two major specifications in mind – it should be in dark wood and simple-cut, since our home is what I claim minimalist.

It has been three nights… They seem okay, though. Actually they were so excited to decorate the new beds with their, according to Max, “precious stuff.”

Lo and behold, guess who couldn’t sleep peacefully?

Yup, me.

I’ve been going to sleep for nights biting my cheek, pretending not to feel that they’re growing.

It’s me who creep into their beds in the middle of the night 😦

Stress Level: Moderately to entirely stressful to the mom.