Mompreneurs are Cool

It was Expo Mom yesterday, the event that the Babinski Mamas look forward to every year. (But it was only me and Aimee who were there, because, guess what. Charlene gave birth to Chloe, the newest Babinski baby in town!) The Market was a blast! Janice and Rome of Mommy Mundo made it a success. Mommies really showed their thing back there. Mompreneurs rule the world!

Mompreneurs, as I put it, and as I describe what the three of us do, are stay-at-home moms who establish business at home so that they can help with the income and at the same time be hands-on to their children. They usually invent, innovate or improve products that they think would be beneficial to their co-mommies :-).

We launched our new 2-way Nursing Vest there, and it was all sold out even before we put it up in the website. It is really good and surprising to know that there are so many moms right now who believe in breastfeeding. The benefits of it!

For those who are still breastfeeding, don’t give up early. Do it as long as you can carry on. Personally I did get bouts of frustration when the hungry baby would start to look for me when I would be feeling like I wanted and NEEDED me-time. I was dehydrated. Had a hard time drinking and eating enough. Was down to 80 something pounds. Didn’t sleep much. Lost a tooth for every child. Plus I was emotionally drained and felt socially out of contact with the entire planet. And talk about the baby tooth! Heyyy, that’s a mean little bite! Okay baby, I’ll give it two years then we’re done, get it? As I’ve always said, having a newborn baby is not at all like a Johnson’s baby commercial where everything looks dreamy and powder-scented. Reality (literally) bites!

Aimee has Vitor breastfeeding for one and a half years now while Charlene is just starting all over again. My dear bunso, Maia, who is now two and a half, has decided to call it quits with me. After those two grueling but essential years…

…I felt like I’ve conquered the Seven Summits! Pant. Whew. Relief. Finally. Over. Relax. You mean it’s all over? That soon? 😉

Babinski Mama Mae

Maia @ 1

For the breastfeeding mom, try our Babi Nursing Pillow. It puts the nursing mom’s body into an ergonomically correct position to prevent backaches. Plus, the Babi can be a helpful tool to support your baby’s upper body to prepare him for the crawling stage and support baby’s back to help him practice how to sit.

2 Responses to “Mompreneurs are Cool”

  1. Mama Hen Says:

    Hey there! I found your blog on MBC! I am not a fan of the eye roll either. I used to teach Elementary school and that was a common thing. It is great when moms can show their talent by being Mompreneurs! Come visit me at Mama’s Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

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