Living Words

Jabez lost a front tooth again, a total of two front teeth.

“I look so ugly!”

“No you’re not. You’re the most handsome boy in the whole world!”

“I am ugly I hate myself!”

Gahd! I couldn’t believe a seven year-old boy would be this conscious about his looks.

Summer break is really a big relief. Having this humungous babybump is weighing me down and stealing the fun out of me. I’ll be giving birth in a few days! Yahoo!

This has been a tiring school year for me. Jabez had lost heart with Reading and Filipino, except for Math, which is a good sign, something that he got from his Dad and definitely not from my side of the family. I sat with him everyday with his books, very patiently (and most of the time, *cough, cough* impatiently. I blame the dude who invented Facebook). It was just so difficult to teach someone who doesn’t show even a .00000892% of interest with the subject! It just discouraged me more when I get called by his teacher for a little heart-to-heart talk on Jabez’ status. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds. It drove me nuts.

“Okay Kuya, read this…”

“Mommy I can’t do it! I really can’t.”

“Yes you can, you’re a smart boy…”

“NO I’M NOT! I’m stupid! *pause* Mommy, can I play with my PSP?”

(I blame the dude who invented PSP.)

I realized that aside from the thousand tasks assigned to moms, being a lifecoach is one of the toughest. There are days when good words come to me like rain in the desert.

“You look so handsome with the two new permanent teeth coming out!”  “I love you Jabez. For me you are the smartest boy and I believe you can do it…” It calms him down.

“I love you, Jabez…” It works more often times than not.

– Babinski Mama Charlene

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